Wisteria vine

gramsharon(3-4)February 15, 2009

I'm a newbie to this forum. I live in north central Mn. I am interested in growing wisteria vine in my yard. I've read several posts as well as internet research. While I realize they're not rated for zone 3-4, I'd like to give it a try as I have seen them in full bloom in some areas around my vicinity. By any chance, do any of the members of this forum have wisteria cuttings to share? I'd gladly provide whatever shipping method would be needed. Perhaps it would be best to wait till April, when we have warmer weather?

Thank you.


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Cuttings don't root easily. Ask on the trading forum if anyone has a pup for trade or postage. This vine grows wild in Arkansas and southern Missouri.

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Thank you, Kay, for your recommendation. I'll follow through in hopes of obtaining wisteria vine. It's such a beautiful and fragrant plant. I appreciate your help.

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You are welcome!

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