wooden ice chest/cooler

nccmama(z8 TX)May 22, 2012

I saw an ad for a stand up wooden cooler. Would this make an ideal environment for a worm bin in north Texas where the winter temps can get below freezing and the summer temps are over 100 for weeks on end? It would be on a covered patio, sheltered, but still in sun for a few hours a day.


Could it be modified to work (drilling holes, etc.)? I know it's expensive, but I think I can find one like this on CL, and my husband will be more on board with vermicomposting if it looks good in his mancave covered patio. Thanks!

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It is attractive. Sun even for a moment is bad. Being up on legs in the heat and cold seperates it from the even and moderating temperature of mother earth. I would suggest one of the hanging cloth bins but over a hundred for weeks on end sounds like it would dry out in an hour. Maybe a rule of thumb would be if a dog could not survive in the enviornment (cold, hot, sun) then the worms will not either. Then again there would be nothing cooler in a mancave covered patio than worms. Well maybe BSFL. Nothing livens up a party like tossing in a hamburger that jumped ship while being flipped on the grill to the BSFL and watching the tiny land sharks ripping it to pieces in an hour. Film it and play it back for a grand fanali. With the temperature requirement BSFL might do better. Well insulated they make their own heat in the winter. I hope someone else has ideas on how you can keep worms in those temperatures.

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dowbright(z6 in Missouri)

Equinox, you are obsessed with BSFL! (black soldier fly larvae)

Disgusting! But do I have the words right?

Why do you crave and love them so? I'm dying to know! Faster castings? :D

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1. Self-harvesting.
2. Able to deal with additional waste streams such as fat, fish guts, and purient waste.
3. Time to decomposition much quicker.
4. With adequate insulation can produce own heat in the icy winter. Maybe even excess heat for a green house.
5. Photogenic; especially speeded up film. Watch those guys dive in on a hamburger.
6. Can pre-process huge quanties of food and get it ready for our worms. Like companion planting - companion composting.
7. For some composters BSFL are a better match up to the item needing composting and the enviornment available to compost in.
8. Diversity. Different items to feed chickens and such at different times.

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dowbright(z6 in Missouri)

That's quite a list! You've sold me on the concept. But I can't be sold on them in my home. My first bin ever got loaded with them, but I was unaware. They rose up into my face...and I will NEVER go through that experience again.

Though the fat, fish guts, etc. is extremely tempting. I hate trashing that stuff. And diversity is always good.

When will you start with them?

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I moved a step closer today. Leasing a chicken for the summer for the "little one" as a 4-H project. Now at least I would have something to feed them to. My options would be to trap wild (by enticing a female to lay eggs nearby) or start with a bit of them from the pet store to increase the chances of enticing a female to lay eggs. They are sold cupped a few of them, like worms, I think. I have not heard of any in the house set ups. They are usually outdoors or at least in the garage or greenhouse. June, July and August would seem to be the season for them.

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