How to maximize worm population increase?

allrawpaul(z8 seattle)May 9, 2005

I just put together my third worm 2 days ago. I used a 35gal plastic garbage can. Just drilled a few holes in bottom and upper wall for vents, then filled with shredded paper, chopped leaves, coffe grounds, pulled weeds, a little sod, watercress and its root mats, food waste, some pond sludge, and some worms from my other bins. I put it all in, in layers, and filled right to the top, soaking it good afterward so the lid barely fit. It will probably get pretty hot for awhile, is that a problem? Is there anything I can add or subtract that will help them breed faster and vermipost faster? Thanks very much, Paul.

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With regard to the heat, yes it will be a big problem. I deal with it here in Florida by partially filling plastic soft drink or water bottles with water and freezing them. I then place the bottles, wrapped in newspaper, in the worm bins. From the way they migrate close to the bottle, they appear to love it.

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