Suggestions for a vine that can survive Aussie heat...

MolpadiaMarch 16, 2013


I was hoping to plant a vine along my wire fence line for a little more privacy. I have tried searching but there are so many different types (eg: all the different Morning Glory's) and such, that perhaps a few suggestions to set me on the right path would be better.

It needs to be able to handle the heat in Central Queensland, my back yard floods during heavy rain so it would need to be able to cope with a lot of water occasionally and finally, not toxic to cats and dogs.

Sorry for the fussy check list. But any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading :)

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Try a native species, perhaps?

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Both considered a bit over the top on the coast, but I was going to suggest either Pyrostegia venusta (orange flowers) or antignon leptopus (pink) Both vigorous but probably the first would be better as it's denser and more evergreen. And fast-growing.
Also possibly passionfruit vines - with the benefit of a crop?
Another option might be bougainvilleas but they would be slower growing initially and of course thorny.
Whatever you grow, consider giving it the benefit of planting a few at intervals and letting them fill in the gaps, and to avoid the waterlogging, plant them in a raised position, either in a mound, or in large planters with the bottoms cut out, or even in a mound made of a few tyres to get a lot of the root system above ground, then provide extra mulching.

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