What colorful vines can I plant on a SHADED wooden fence?

motherjan(z5 N.E. OHIO)March 24, 2011

There are 3 large pine trees above the fence with their roots making it hard to plant, but I would love a very colorful fast-growing vine that will cover it.

Perennial, please. Should I purchase chicken wire to hold the vines? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

It is indeed very hard to plant under pines as they make the soil very acidic. How shady is your shade?
A native vine tolerant to acidic soils might do OK for you if you get enough sun. Some lonicera are hardy to zone 5, passiflora can take some shade in certain zones (you might not have enough sun for them), and trumpet vine can take some sun but it gets really heavy and grows large!

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river_crossroads z8b Central Louisiana

Just an idea to throw out after reading ggg's post - Brushwood Nursery & Sunlight Gardens sell a lot of native vines. With a few exceptions Brushwood only sells vines & climbers. Sunlight is much smaller & only sells natives & naturalized.

You might e-mail Brushwood owner Dan Long or Sunlight owner Andy Sessions, talk about your pine trees, include how much light you think the vine might get from which direction, you want fast growing if possible, want colorful, ask if they have anything they would sell you for that spot & if they recommend chickenwire or what for it to climb on your wood fence. Include where you live. Then research extensively before actually buying the recommendation.

Personally I only want to bother someone if I really am going to buy from them if all works out. The next town over from me is called Pineville, Louisiana, so I can't help being interested. Please update us here if you find something that works. P.S. Sunlight has a min order so you could buy several plants to put all along the fence. I bought 2 plants from Brushwood once & don't remember any min order but web pages will tell you. Good luck!

Here are links that might be useful: Brushwood Nursery
Sunlight Gardens

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