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vickz5March 15, 2009

my wisteria vine is 11+ yrs old(bought it at reputable garden center-since lost tag)...i can't wrap my fingers around its trunk anymore, as trunk is larger than most of my ornamental trees. it has never bloomed! for the most part i'm keeping it contained in size no more than 6-8' from the main trunk. it would be a tree form now if i didn't have it so close to my garage.. last few years in mid summer(when i see again it has not bloomed)i prune it back -similar to climbing roses leaving 4-6 leaf buds on the laterals.3 yrs ago i root pruned with a spade about 1 1/2' from trunk and down about 1'., 2 yrs ago i tried high phosphurus fertilizer, ...tried everything the last few years---no blooms! same story-beautiful healthy foilage. i'm very discouraged...of course its too early to tell this year yet-but anyone have any ideas?

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This site describes root pruning, which sometimes shocks a Wisteria into blooming.

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Have not been on the vine forum in a while.
I have a wisteria around 20 years old. It has never bloomed and I can not kill it!
I tried the shock thing years ago. Did not work.
My DH calls it the plant from Hel*.
I read somewhere it may be a male plant and will not bloom. Not sure?
Anyway Good Luck,
Even tried Roundup for vines
And It Lives!

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I was about to post a similiar question...the wisteria's I have (one white one purple) were potted from the beginning. One on my deck has remained small and has never flowered, the other in the same size pot on a lower patio area, apparently busted through the pot and grew into the ground below the bricks it sits on...It also has never bloomed. It is however MUCH larger.

Is there any one with more info other than root pruning? any special fertilizer? anything?

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Wow! It sounds like you are doing everything! Is it getting enough sunlight? I have heard you might strike the trunk in several areas hard with a garden hose or something to further shock or stress the plant which may help. Who knows! You may give up and pull the thing out and replace it with an American variety like 'Blue Moon' that blooms on new wood, and blooms early. I bought a one gallon plant that had blossoms on it. At three years it was growing over the top of my garden bench arbor with lots of beautiful blossoms.


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