Blue Moon Wisteria - What size plant did you start with?

Julia NY(6)March 18, 2011

I saw some wonderful photos of Blue Moon Wisteria on the forum and was wondering what size plant/pot did you purchase? Quart or gallon?


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I have Amethyst Falls, not Blue Moon. I believe I purchased a 3 gallon container and still had to wait a few years before getting loads of flowers. I had a few blooms the first couple years. What I like about Amethyst Falls is that it continues to bloom all summer. The later blooms are nothing like the first flush that completely covers the plant but there's normally about a dozen blooms at any given time over the summer.

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Julia NY(6)

karyn1: Thank you for replying. I've only seen some online vendors sell either in the trade quart or gallon size. Then there are some which say 4" container. No local nursery sells it so will end up purchasing it online.

BTW, I did look-up Amethyst Falls too.

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You probably don't want to go above a gallon container for an online purchase. The shipping would likely be outrageous. I'm surprised that none of your local garden centers carry it. Even the HD's and the Loew's around here stock wisterias. A standard 4" nursery container is a qt, 6-7" is a gallon.

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I ordered a blue moon wisteria plant from a popular online vine vendor about 4 years ago.
It never really grew at all.
I bought an expensive arbor for it, and it only grew to the top of one side of it.
I watered it when we didn't have much rain, and it has afternoon shade, but it didn't grow well.
This year, if it doesn't take off for me, I am getting rid of it.
It was 6 inches big and I don't have the patience to wait 10 years possibly for it to flower.
Good luck with yours.

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Julia NY(6)

It is a shame after all this time you haven't seen a bloom. I've heard though that it needs full sun,as much as possible, which is why I picked it.

Well, if you decide you want to get rid of it, contact me and I'll take it but somehow I think you'll get those beautiful blooms you've been waiting for.


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Butterfly, please be patient - it WILL bloom for you!

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Kay and Juliany,
I will try to be more patient with it. I didn't cut it back at all, so mabey this year I will get more foilage on it to grow on more of the arbor.
It is growing now, so we will see how it does.
Thanks for the encouragement.

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I purchased a gallon sized Blue Moon from a local nursery a few years ago. Grew well first season, growing on old "T" shaped clothesline post but, rabbits ate it the first winter, re-grew second season, covered the post, started pruning away excess growth and now surround with chicken wire in Fall. Last year it budded out with loads of flowers but, were mostly killed by a late frost, only had about ten flowers. Hoping for big display this Spring, will try to cover if we expect a late frost.

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Julia NY(6)

zonepusher: Thanks for the feedback. Looking forward to your pics this season.
I'm waiting for our local nurseries to start stocking their goodies for the season. Hoping to find one so I don't have to have one shipped.


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beverlyr(z5 Ohio)

I bought a blue moon online for my mom for Mother's Day 3 or 4 years ago. It was shipped bareroot and arrived very healthy. Other than a first year struggle with the bunnies, it's done wonderfully. (bath soap shavings around the plant keep the critters away!) It was really loaded last year, and is looking good so far this year.
Best of luck!

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Julia NY(6)

Thanks beverlyr for the info. Hope to see you post a few pics when it blooms.


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Beverly, where did you purchase your bare rooted Blue Moon Wisteria plant from?

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I purchased three one gallon pots of Blue Moon about 4 years ago from a nursery in Oregon I believe. They had flower buds on them when they came in the mail. Now the plants are the most beautiful vines that cascade down over two trellis benches that I have. There are now hundreds of flowers each June. I love this vine. It is NOT aggressive like it's Asian cousins.

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Artic, he is asking WHERE HE can order them by mail - please give us your source!

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I bought my blue moon wisteria last year in 1gallon size from nurcar online nursery. it was 2ft tall healthy plant that came with 2-3 buds. I planted it in ground last May next to my deck. It settled very well and the buds bloomed into beautiful flowers. The plant grew very big twining around the deck rails. I checked on the plant this morning and it has atleast 50-60 buds. As artic said this wine does not seem to be aggressive unlike other wisteria varieties.

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buttercupia(zone4 IA)

I planted a Blue Moon wisteria about 3 years ago.. it was a 2 gallon size from Steve's Ace nursery in Dubuque.. zone 4/5.
I put it in an exposed location in the back yard on a full sunny slope in loamy sandy soil, with some compost mixed in the hole-next to an old unworking gas lamp post. (I wound a wire to the top to lead it up) It has climbed the post and this is its first year of bloom. It's beautiful! With 6 clusters of medium blue blooms around the top and so very graceful. I don't know how aggressively it will continue to grow, or whether it will destroy the lamp assembly at the top. (there is already a bird nest in that) but so far I'm very pleased with this fragrant, easy blooming, easy care vine. (I just water it once in a while)

Does anyone know when is the best time to prune this?

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