Second Tray

maryt1061(9 TX)May 21, 2009

Seems like I read somewhere to fill your second tray about half ful of bedding. Would there be any reason to do this in a new setup? I did this and it seems sorta stupid to me to have done so as some worms want to go up and when I lift it I have hanging worms all over the bottom. Maybe I should remove all bedding from the second tray. Yes????? Thanks. Mary

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folly_grows(10 SF by the Bay)

The reasoning behind adding the second tray with bedding only is to absorb excess moisture and to give the worms some place to go if the conditions in the lower tray become uninviting (too hot, too acidic, etc.) Worms will always wander; and as long as you do the tray system, you will have dangling worms. If you lift your first tray, you will probably find dangling worms and some down in the catch tray.

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I thought that is was a good idea to keep some bedding in any bin when you're adding food regularly. That when you're adding food, you should also occ. add bedding. Partly to cover the food and avoid pests, partly to give the worms a place to hang out and deposit their cocoons. I understand you don't add more bedding if you're finishing' the product, but otherwise, yes. Am I wrong?

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