Need suggestions for honeysuckle vine underplanting

DigginlifeMarch 11, 2013

Hi I have honsucklevine growing on a tall chain link fence.all the flowers and green are on the very top of the fence leaving the woody stems visible . I was interested in planting something infront to cover them.The area is kind of shady ...This pic was taken in winter through a window so its pretty depressing looking now lol but very pretty in spring n summer So any recommendations besides morning glory thanks

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Rather than underplanting, those vines need rejuvenation pruning! Do you know what kind it is? Japanese honeysuckle blooms on new wood so can be cut down hard in spring without losing flowers for the year. Most others bloom on 'old' wood so are best pruned after flowering unless you don't mind losing flowers for the year. Or you could prune 1/3-1/2 in spring so you'd still have some flowers while the rest regrows. Next year, you'd prune the rest back hard too so, by the following year you'd be back to a good flower display and good foliage cover to the base. Repeat the process every few years whenever the base is starting to look bare and woody. I need to do the same sort of hard pruning on mine ths year too.....

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Hey thanks woodyoak ! I dont know for sure what type but looks like Lonicera japonica 'Halliana which I'm reading can be invasive .. We kinda like the honeysuckles height for the extra 3-4 feet of privacy ....Will it grow the height of the fence u think in one season if i hard prune this spring? Will it always have some woody stems or can I get it to fll the fence? thanks :)

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Last spring we removed a honeysuckle from our arbour in the front garden - I had concluded, after several years of vigorous pruning to keep it under control - that it was a Hall's honeysuckle! We had been pruning it - almost weekly! - to keep it confined to the arbour. It was just too vigorous and too much work to keep it controlled. It certainly grows fast so, if that's what you have, it would certainly regrow quickly. But, to keep the height, you might want to cut half this spring and half next spring.

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