forcing dormancy in hops?

djimbMarch 3, 2013

Hi everyone!
I'm moving to ecuador in about a month to run a hostel, and the owners have grand plans to open a microbrewery. They've asked me to bring/send them some hops vines, which presents difficulties in and of itself, but international laws about transporting organisms aside, I'm concerned as to whether they'd even survive in the climate I'll be in.
The hostels are in Quito and Alausi, which are both in the highlands, and range in temperature from 60-70 during the the day and 45-55 at night. There aren't really any seasons, as they're so close to the equator.

Being from the PNW, I know that these temps are reasonable for growing hops, but my concern is dormancy. I imagine, given that hops is a temperate plant, that they require winter dormancy to thrive. My question is whether there are methods to force dormancy (like they do with asparagus in peru, by withholding water, for example) in hops. I'm hoping it wouldn't require artificial chilling and modification of day length.

Any thoughts?


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I'd say you could try a 6" layer of mulch over the roots and cutting back the plant in August. Try it - you don't have much to lose, since hops is considered a big old weed!

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