What kind of vine for this wall/trellis

sudimari(z5 IN)March 22, 2009

I will be container planting some vines to grow up a "garden junk" trellis. My first thought was Morning Glory, but now I'm wondering if it actually receives the sun needed?

Patio at 9:00 am:

Patio at 10:30

The door faces due east. The wall is on the south side of patio, FACING north.

I have a chain link fence gate to start my trellis...will be propped behind the planter pictured. All three pots shown with dead plants will contain vines. Possibly more vines if I use large buckets to weigh or stand the trellis on the concrete. The planter is one piece.

I'm looking to attract birds/butterflies (the number of birdfeeders will grow as the season warms up here!LOL)

I have a mixture of climbing seeds...mixed color morning glory (25%), cardinal climber (5%), Thunbergia Black-Eyed susan (26%), Tall Single Mix Nasturtium (25%), Royal Family Mix Sweet Pea (30%)

They are mixed (I bought the small pkg...the large one was ind pkged inside). So a good place to look at pics of seed to ID them would be helpful.

Will any of these do well at this location? Any specific info I might need for any of them?

Any other suggestions that might work better or really well?



PS...If you click on thumbnail I believe it will open a larger version of pic...sun exposure might be more visible that way. Still trying to figure out best way to post pics!

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The Sweet Pea-Morning Glory combination would probably be a good one, as sweet peas tend to do a fade in warmer weather, whereas morning glories tend to like it a bit more. Both will appreciate humusy, slightly damp soil, and both tend to be fairly tolerant of some shade. The sweet pea seeds will look like little round peas, and morning glory seeds are a round hard little seed, a bit less than 1/8 inch in diameter, usually smooth and dark brown or black. I recommend presoaking for both prior to planting.

Nasturtiums have similar likes as well. I suspect the other two will want more sun; possibly if you place them where they will get reflected light it would help.

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