Carnary Bird vine

piksi_hk(9)March 12, 2010

I found a package of these and sowed, they come up fast and every day they shoot up higher and higher.

Anyone have experience with these?

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My experience is that they always die. Sorry.

I keep trying, though.

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That's been my experience, too - they come up just fine, but croak soon thereafter!

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I grew these vines from seed I received in the seed exchange here in the lower mailand of B.C. Canada. They grew hug and flowered beautifully ! I even harvested lots of seed from them. The next year it grew like mad and then croaked ..... But it was a different climate, as i had moved 500 K north the next year.

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I've had a lot of success with this vine in Central Ohio. It doesn't get really huge for me, maybe 6-8 ft, and it's never self-sown, but it's been fairly reliable in an west-facing spot with some afternoon sun.

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If you are talking about Tropaeolum peregrinum I found them very easy to grow from seed. I had mine in a window box and they bloomed like crazy but never produced any seeds. If I grow them again I'd give them something to climb on instead of letting them hang because they got to looking a bit leggy towards the end of the season.

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Same as all the rest, again, mine didn't reseed, so if you have we can trade something.

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