New bin with A LOT of bedding

lannonMay 24, 2010

I just started my bin a few weeks ago. The bin came with a block of coir, which we soaked and placed in the bin. Then we went out and got our worms and put that in the bin as well. The issue - the bin is nearly full (its a wriggly wranch) and its all bedding. Being a newbie, I didn't realize that there were only 200 worms in the 10 lb bag that we purchased. The rest is all their bedding - which is most likely horse manure. The next day I went out and got 300 more worms - these didn't come with any extra bedding (I learned my lesson)!

So here we are with about 300 worms (of various stages) and a massive amount of bedding. The first couple of days we added a small amount of scraps - UCG's, tea bags, lettuce, chard, and banana peels. In a week and a half not much has been eaten.

My question is - do I need more worms with all this bedding, or do I just let it go for a month or so and just add a SMALL amount of food so the little babies can get used to food versus manure as a food source. I want to add our scraps SO BADLY but I don't want to mess up their new home.

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You can go either way. It comes down to would you rather spend more money, or wait a LONG time? It will take about a year for this bin to filled with worms, and a few months longer to be filled to capacity.

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What about sifting out a majority of the existing bedding and moving that to another tray? That way I'd increase my worm-to-bedding ratio in one bin and use that one as the more active bin for processing our kitchen scraps. The other one I can just leave alone for the most part(I'm sure there will be some babies and cocoons left over).

After buying worms twice I really don't want to spend any more money.

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The worm to bedding ratio isn't as important as the worm to food ratio. I don't think you'd really gain anything by reducing the amount of bedding.

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