Another round of picture happy

poisondartfrogAugust 5, 2007

The old picture happy thread was getting pretty slow.

Sometimes, it's about the foliage.

Nelumbo, Water Lotus


Standing under a banana

Dwarf Canna foliage with visitor

Ricinus communis zanzibarensis

Colocasia Esculenta

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Very nice once again poison!!! Here are some of my favorite foliages.
This is some kind of ferny thing I have. I just love it.

Elephant Ear


I love the leaves on Nasturtium!

A euphorbia (I think) with variegated dogwood

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fallen lilies in vase


hollyhocks and lilies

orange red lilies

burning bush lilies

front corner lilies

first dahlia

double pink lilies

two toned daylily

different two toned daylily


daylily salmon with deeper eye

Night beacon daylily

Yellow lilies

Here are some pictures from about two weeks ago. I am a bit behind. Hope everyone is well. diene

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I've missed your posts! What beautiful lilies you have, as usual, but my favorite of that group of pictures is the pale yellow hollyhock. That is really special!

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Hello Poison;
I am partial to the deep burgundy hollyhock, that seems more unusual to me. The hollyhocks produce a significant amount of seeds each year, do you want some? Will they grow in your part of the world? Let me know. diene

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Oh yes. They will grow beautifully! I would be delighted to send an SASBE. I grow a nice single mix that does very well, but it is all shades of pink, from very pale to rose to deep burgundy if you would like some. My personal preference though, is for the whites and pale yellows. I guess the grass is always greener.

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