Morning Glory newbie! Please advise.

pumpkin_eaterMarch 14, 2013

Hi all! I'm a recent college graduate, and this year will be my first growing plants from seed. I started some morning glory seeds in January, and I wasn't even sure that they would come up, since they were from last year (and the package said, "for use in 2012"). Well, they did, and so far I think they're doing okay!

My apartment faces NNW, so until the last couple of weeks, even the windowsills did not get any direct sunlight, nor did I use artificial lights. I planted two varieties, "Clark's Heavenly Blue", and "Mixed Colors" (not sure what that latter name means exactly, besides being the label on the package). The first variety has small leaves and has gotten quite leggy (or maybe just "viney"?); the second has much larger, fuzzy leaves and has remained compact and full.

My plan is to put them out on my balcony this summer; will they do okay? The balcony does not get much sunlight; I would estimate 1-2 hours in the late afternoon, when the light is pretty weak. There should be a little more light toward summer, and then a little less again after midsummer (since the balcony is only ever-so-slightly west-facing, I've found that week by week the lighting change is noticeable).

If the answer to the last question is "yes, they will grow fine", then I'd also like to start a few more varieties. Any recommendations? I live in a fairly dense suburban area, so I have access to a variety of nurseries and garden stores.

Thanks for reading, and I'd appreciate any advice the seasoned growers here have for me!

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The "Clarkes HB" should be Ipomoea tricolor and a sky blue though the descriptor of Clarkes is more often used incorrectly than accurately,,,the commercial marketing trend relative to Ipomoea tricolor has been towards darker flowers...

The "Mixed Colors" could be anything but are often a mixture of Ipomoea nil , Ipomoea purpurea and Ipomoea tricolor and sometimes a color mix of just one species.

Morning Glories are sun loving plants and prefer morning sun over afternoon sun...

The plants get 'leggy' when they are trying to stretch towards the light , when not getting enough light...

I couldn't say with absolute certainty if the MG's would be willing to grow within the limited sunlight you have available but you could try it and see how they do...although it does seem doubtful based upon your description......

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

The more Sun the better, and I try never to allow them to wilt. They often come back if not left with wilted leaves for too long I try seed, each year, and must wait until August for flowers. There is not a lot of daylong Sun here. When I had access to a greenhouse I would start them in January and have fine plants to set out when the soil was no longer cold.
Heavenly Blue is my favorite, but Grampa Otts is good.

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Welcome to the addictive hobby of growing morning glory.

For me, in Delaware, Heavenly Blue makes flowers very late in the summer. It is worth the wait.

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