Local Worm purchases or trades in Indiana?

xpoc454May 26, 2010

Anyone know of a local source for purchasing or trading for some European Nightcrawlers in Indiana?

I'd love to get some but would like to pick them up and keep them alive.

thanks for any help


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Try checking Craigslist or Vermicomposters.com for local worms. - Jim

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I did, nothing but red wigglers on craigslist and the one person I tried to ask on veriscompsters map didn't respoond.

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antoniab(5 WofChicago,IL)

I have ordered Europeans, and they arrived healthy and happy. Just order from a place fairly close, and try to time the weather for a cooler week, if possible. Or if you can drive a bit, google 'worm farms' near you. I found some places near Indianapolis, but I don't know where you are. You would have to call to see if they have what you want.

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