Creating Privacy wall with vines

carjul(5)March 23, 2013

We are purchasing a home where we need to block the view of neighboring yards that are not kept well. A fence is not sufficient because we sit above. We need something about 20 feet high. We have two tall pine trees we could string wires between to grow vines on. Is that possible or is there a better idea?

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Technically you could do that. But you would have to put a 20 ft tall trellis up, for the vines to climb on.
How would you maintain the vines on a 20 foot trellis?
What about fast growing trees that aren't real invasive?
I don't know what zone you are in, you could look online and see if there are some that will grow well in your area.
If you put decidieous trees there, you would have privacy in the months that you will be outside the most, and they grow faster (generally) than evergreens.
That is what I would look into.
Some nurseries will sell bigger trees also, ask.

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