Star / Confederate Jasmine too thin on bottom

quinc_fwb(8)March 16, 2013

We planted a confederate / star jasmine 6 or so years ago to cover an iron fence for privacy between our neighbors property and ours. We tried trimming it back when we noticed it looked long and training the vines horizontally instead of vertically to make sure it filled in at the bottom. It looked pretty full for several years but now has become thin on the bottom and too long on top. Since we wound the long vines horizontally, I don't know where to prune to get it to fill back out at the bottom if that's possible. Anyone have any advice for a novice on when and how to prune this vine to fill it back out on the bottom of this 6 foot fence? Thanks!

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To make any plant 'fill out' at the bottom, you have to cut it clear back to the base, where new growth will begin. WHEREVER you cut the plant is where it will put out TWO new branches.

It sounds as if you need to start it over, by cutting a few branches at a time until you reach your desired fullness. How you will 'untangled' is anyone's guess. If I were doing it, I'd cut the whole vine back to the ground and let it start over.

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