How Do I Kill These Vines

Jarrod_LMarch 24, 2013

These vines are growing at my parents house and I have tried to kill them by ripping them off and digging up the roots with no luck, I also tried products such as ground clear, which claim to kill everything for up to a year, just to see the vines unharmed.

The vines have killed almost every bush they can wrap around, they also stick so well to the house that they rip off the painting on the siding when I pull them off the house.

Is there anyway to get ride of these once and for all?

Please help desperate

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

That is Hedera helix, English Ivy. If you search these forums there are several posts about getting rid of it. But it's a tough job.

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This thread is essentially a DUPLICATE of the thread here ;

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