How Do I Get Rid Of These Vines

Jarrod_LMarch 24, 2013

These vines are growing at my parents house and I have tried to kill them by ripping them off and digging up the roots with no luck, I also tried products such as ground clear, which claim to kill everything for up to a year, just to see the vines unharmed.

The vines have killed almost every bush they can wrap around, they also stick so well to the house that they rip off the painting on the siding when I pull them off the house.

Is there anyway to get ride of these once and for all?

Please help desperate

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

That one is harder to id without leaves but looks like Parthenocissus of some type. Either P quinquifolia (Virginia Creeper) or P tricuspidata (Boston Ivy).

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This is one section that has leaves, any help appreciated.

Thank you,


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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

I was successful in killing a trumpet vine by cutting it off a few inches from the ground, using my battery powered drill to drill holes so gravity would carry weed killer liquid into the stump.
I filled the holes with the liquid and left it. If your trunk or stem is to small or narrow, just brush the weed killer on it. But, by all means, let me know success or failure. My trumpet vine trunk was at least 3 inches in diameter.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Jarrod_L - the leaves you show are Hedera helix, English Ivy (the subject of your other post). The vines on your parents' house are not the same plant. That is one of the Parthenocissus. How do I know? Hedera does not have those little adhesive pads and is evergreen.

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This thread is essentially a DUPICATE of the thread here :

I agree 100% with the 2 ID's supplied by flora_uk.

The mostly dry vine strands on the house with no leaves and the adhering discs is the herbaceous perennial Parthenocissus and the evergreen leaves belong to perennial Hedera.

Hopeully knowing the Identity of the plants assists in knowing what you are contending with.

I have them both growing together on the lot that I live on.

You can either pull them out (roots and all) or use the POISON.

I never prefer to recommend any artificial POISON because they are all toxic to the environment and DO NOT simply break down into harmless substances as the manufacturers (i.e., Monsanto , Dupont and all of their subsidiaries) along with their "payed" = funded lackeys claim.

I have removed both of the species in question (from areas that I did not want them in) by frequently , vigilantly and consistently pulling them out by the roots , so I know it can be done , but if you allow them to grow back , without keeping on top of them frequently enough , then they will certainly grow back.

You CANNOT prevent regrowth of these with simple lawnmower maintenance after you do any initial root pulling as they can grow too close to the ground...I say this in the event that you (or anyone else) may be hoping to do a once or twice a year cleanup for your parents with them doing some typical mowing to try and curtail the growth...

I would never allow the vines to grow back (where I did not want them) , so that there was 3 feet of the Hedera visibly covering the exterior foundational wall of the house and Parthenocissus to the top of a 7 foot exterior wall ...Parthenocissus grows much faster than Hedera as I have both intertwined on my lot...

There is no quick fix and obviously the poison treatment did not work for you.

You need to pull them out (very frequently) every time you see them coming back , eventually they will wane in vigor as the roots are drained of energy.

Pay a local kid / teen to come and pull them out every 2 weeks or so by the roots...regular maintenance will certainly prevent you from being able to show vines growing on the house the way you can now...
best regards,


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