Size of trellis for honeysuckle?

WayFarOutWest(Zone 9 NoCal)March 31, 2013

Hello, new here.
I just purchased a honeysuckle plant from my local arboretum. Want to plant it outside my bedroom window. I've been looking at attractive trellises but don't know the best height to get. Any advice?

Also, how much should I expect it to grow the first summer?

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Depends on the type of honeysuckle - some only grow to around 15', others can easily reach 30'. IME, very few purchased trellises will adequately home a perennial vine like honeysuckle, clematis, campsis, wisteria, etc. on a permanent basis. They easily outgrow all standard trellis sizes unless you (or your friendly handyperson) custom design/build one.

Most perennial vines take around 3 years to mature. Depending on growing conditions, you can expect it to double in size this season.

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