Bent damaged stalks

GriffletMay 15, 2012

My tomato plant fell over in the wind and now 2stalks are bent and damaged. What should I do?

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You didn't mention the size of the plant,fruit load or location of the damage but in most cases you can just readjust the plant with a little support and it will heal itself in a short time. When you note that 2 stalks are damaged are you referring to 2 branches and if so how many are there on the plant totally. I cut/snap lateral branches from my plants daily to limit to one stem per plant with no harm to the plants. For a severe stem "Kink" low on the main stem of a plant I would attrempt to dig a trench adjacent to where the stem meets the soil and bury that section of the stem.

This might seem like a critical situation but what I think you are experiencing is normal weather trama to the plant that it will adjust to and self-correct with just minor training on your part. If the main stem snaps low to the ground you might consider replanting, otherwise the plant will adapt and grow out ot the damage.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Carefully tie them to a stake. It's like splinting a broken bone, only you don't want to tie the stem tightly to the stake. Using some soft material make a figure eight with the stem in one part and the stake in the other part. Tie above and below the bend so it is straight. If it's going to work the part above the bend should perk up in a few days. If it's too damaged to heal, you might as well prune back to healthy tissue and hope the suckers will take over.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering what your conditions are in zone 3a that made you plant your tomatoes outside and vulnerable to wind. They need temps reliably above 50. We are still having some nights that dip into the 40s in zone 6.

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