What is growing in my bin???

dbagnellMay 9, 2010


I'm new to the forums and new to vermicomposting. About a month ago I started my bin with a newspaper and leaf bedding. I got some worms (complete with some compost) from someone I met online. I have no idea how many worms I got, I'd say there weren't many - two dozen perhaps and I think that's being generous.

I started feeding them and at first things didn't seem to be going well. When I looked in the bin it seemed the worms were not a bright red anymore and they moved rather slowly. I stopped feeding them for a week and then I noticed they seemed brighter and they were moving faster.

Now I have some questions. I have a billion little white worms and I don't know what they are. Some websites said they may be baby red wigglers, others said they are pot worms. If they are pot worms, why do I have no adult pot worms after a month. They are all still very tiny. Also, there are white bumps on pieces of food and then there are almost see-through bumps. I've posted pics on my new blog and I'd love it if some experienced composters could let me know what's growing in my bin, and if these critters are ok.

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Thanks so much!

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The tiny white worms are probably pot worms. The reason they aren't growing any bigger is because they are as big as they are going to get.

The small white bumps look like mites.

You have another photo of small white bugs. These are probably springtails.

BTW, you put in a LOT of food if you only have a few dozen worms.

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