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ruthzMarch 28, 2011

I really like the yellow cross vine flowers, but the only thing I have large enough for it to climb on is Oak trees.

Would it hurt the tree and is it invasive?

I don't want vines spreading everywhere.

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Ruth, you have a YELLOW Bignonia capreolata? If so, email me a picture - I've never seen a yellow-blooming one!

I have orange and also red, one growing up a Pecan tree - no harm to the tree, BUT - the dam squirrels sit in the branches and EAT THE BLOOMS!

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I don't have one, but I'm thinking of getting one if it won't hurt the tree and isn't invasive.
If you look at Almost Eden website, they have Orange, Red,
Tangerine & Yellow (Yellow Crossvine, Bignonia capreolata yellow form Bignonia capreolata 'Lutea')
The Yellow is really yellow and red and I love it.
There is one in my neighborhood that's gorgeous.

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Good morning, Ruth! I just went to their website and all they are showing is orange/red Bignonia, which is the one I have.

Can you post a link to the yellow? Thanks!

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Hi Ladies. I read this and was wondering if one of you could tell me what variety of crossvine this is? This isn't a great pic and the blooms are a bit faded but the red is darker and not as mottled when the bloom is fresh. TIA

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Kay, my computer won't let me send a link (says it's not set up)
Karen, Almost Eden sells 4 varieties, but only has pictures of the Red & Yellow.
Yours doesn't look like either of the pictures.
Go to their website and click on vines
The Red Cross vine is on page 9 and Yellow is on page 14.
One of our local nurseries has different varieties.
I'll look next time I go to see if one is like yours.

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Karen, I believe your vine is probably Tangerine Beauty.
I saw that one and the Yellow Crossvine at a nursery today.
I love the Yellow, but the lady there said it would not be good for the Oak tree I was going to let it climb on.
That's the only thing I have tall enough.
There is one in my neighborhood that is climbing on top of a fence all the way down on side, then all the way to the top of a tree.
What does yours climb on?

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Thanks Ruth. Mine climbs the side of my house with the help of a trellis. It finds some things to hold on to but doesn't grow into the brick.

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