Good climbing flowering plant to grow on fence

nozavroniMarch 8, 2013

I'm a beginner gardener growing my first garden. I have an fenced in area in my back yard with very good sunlight and soil and I'm looking for suggestions for a nice, aesthetic flowering vine that will grow up my wire fence around the garden just to give it some color and to bring it up out of the ground a little. Suggestions? I'd prefer something that's relatively easy as I'm new at this. Thanks!

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Virginia Creeper
Grape Vine
Morning Glory
I have all 4 and love them, although creeper & wisteria must be watched before they get away on you.

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I'm partial to morning glory, but the listed options are good candidates.

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After a little looking into Morning Glory I'm reading a lot of horror stories about it taking over the garden. Fortunately where I want to plant it is pretty far from any of my food plants, but I still don't want a plant that takes over and I can't get rid of... is it manageable?

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What morning glory was the horror? Very few MGs should be listed as a thug. What information source are you reading? There are many urban legends out there about MGs.

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I am sad when my MGs fade away in the fall.
I have them on my deck, in my garden with wisteria.
Wisteria stays but the pretty little MG goes away.

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The perennial species Convolvulus arvensis, known by the common name Field Bindweed, is the problem child. You'd not want to grow it in your garden. Grow the annual species and have fun with the colors in the flowers.

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