Lantana vs Tha' Freeze!

rockyn(Austx8b)March 20, 2007

Howdy all,

I planted 6 lantana last year and they flourished, got huge, and blessed my yard with tons of butterflies. ( many butterflies in a ton?)

Yesterday I was looking for signs of life and every branch snapped off. Two of the plants have the teensiest bits of green near the root.

Remembering the ice storm in February, I have to ask if Lantana will gradually return to life, or should I salvage the wee sprouts in a container and replace the shrubs now?

Do lantana typically regenerate from the branches or do they start over each spring?

Thanks for your input!

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PKponder TX(7b)

They start over from the roots each spring. You can cut them back to the ground (the brown parts) now. Lantana are pretty foolproof, I love them!


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Yep, them ugly roots will pop up soon! My next door neighbor planted lantana last year in her sidewalk side beds. She was out there last fall starting to pull up every one of the dead heads before I screamed at her to stop. We chopped them down to the ground level, Planted the pansies around the stumps, and lo and behold, those suckers came back at twice the size and vigor, she had to weedeat them to keep the sidewalk clear by July. So have faith, they start a little later than a lot of the perennials, but go and blow once it is time to grow...

terry, waiting on a couple of lantanas to show in my garden

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Signs of life really varies among my lantana.
My white one plays dead the longest. The Horridas (SP?) vary among the upright and spreading, with the spreading greening up the earliest. I see the purple ones around town blooming in February.
I think that one of the wonders of Spring is the little burst of joy one experiences by seeing the first signs of life in something that may or may not have made it through the winter.

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My mom has several lantanas--the common orange and yellow and variegated pink and yellow, and a hybrid cream colored one. She lives in College Station. I saw the plants last week, and there was the tiniest hint of green growth right at the ground. The only one not showing green yet was the cream colored one, but it's never failed to come back, so I guess it's just a bit slower.

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annieinaustin(z8 Austin)

Ordinarily I'd agree that they will come back, but some of my lantanas are not dormant but dead below the ground, along with Esperanza, Duranta and Barbados Cherry. Other lantanas are already resprouting.

My area of Austin froze several times before Christmas, when some plants were in active growth. My guess is that they were already weakened by the time of the ice storm.


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I am just almost to Dallas - Lantana are not hurt by the cold and will come back. If you have the white dantura they will come back too... the rest well yes they might be gone. Lantana just come bounding back no matter what you do - unless you cut them back too early before the stems are dead, then they can get water to the roots and die fast.

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treelover(z8b SoCtrlTX)

I've got some of that trailing purple lantana that looked okay all winter until that last big freeze. It lost a lot of leaves, but is already blooming again. It's been under a live oak for the past several years and is a couple of feet high in places and overall, starting to look kind of weedy.

Think it would help to cut it back some? Would this be a good time to do that?


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Typically it's best to prune when dormant, but it shouldn't hurt it to cut it back now--and it's best to do it before it gets hot. If it's looking weedy, it might be because it's located under a tree--does it get enough sun there?

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teacup754(z8 tx)

Great topic. I was out this weekend and wondering if my lantanas had made it. One is showing signs of growth and nothing from the other two. I'll give them more time before I give them up. My esperanza is showing signs it wasn't hurt by the cold and the plumbago is starting to emerge...

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Daylily79, thanks for the good info about cutting lantana back too soon. I think I may have done just that, cutting it down to the ground after the first freeze, hoping to avoid the mess of all those dried up leaves falling all over my front walk (previous owners planted less than a foot from it so the lantana typically covers over half the walk). It has NO signs of life at present, even though the new lantana I just planted in the backyard has already budded. Guess I might be in the market for another lantana...

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prairiepaintbrush(RedOak, TX z7/8)

If the lantana has lasted more than one year past, it's probably fine. If it was planted last year, it may or may not come back. I was supposed to dig out a lantana from a garden the other day because it was "dead". I was trying my best to get it out, but it did NOT want to come. As I hacked around it, I hit some of the branches and found green. :) I told my supervisor it was still kickin'.

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remuda1(7b Hood Co TX)

I was VERY surprised that my New Gold made it. I have it in the bottom pot of a stack of tipsy pots. It's not protected at all and I didn't try to protect it through any freezes. That's a tough little cookie! Bright new growth bursting from it now.


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