The 'Art' of vermicomposting

borderbarbMay 2, 2010


Behold the centerpiece of Emily's senior show in Ruffin Gallery: a bed frame housing a worm composting operation, complete with shredded newspaper (including C-VILLE!). Those dark things pinned to the netting are small burlap pockets into which visitorsÂyes, youÂare invited to put food waste that the worms can eat. Every day at 5pm Emily does a participatory feeding and watering of her wiggling collaborators. Show's only up until Friday, so get over there!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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bumperooney ... not of general interest.

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I think it is interesting. Is it for sale as art?

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antoniab(5 WofChicago,IL)

Interesting idea for a senior show. I wonder what grade she will get! And will she compost the report card??

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When I remodel our bathroom next year, I plan to build a flow-thru out of the old fiberglass tub. Will I become a famous artist? Not likely, but if art advances the 'cause' then I am all for it. My worm bin is beneath a beautiful native rhododendron that will be a true thing of beauty next week when it blooms! I hope to post my first pics soon.

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Funny .... I bumped this item because in past, when I have posted news items, there was no response and they just sat there at the top of the line for ages.[cringe]
Re: the 'senior show' .. I thought that meant senior citizens, but maybe not. I agree that anything that demystifies or de-YUCKs vermicomposting is a plus.
Re: the 'art' of vermicomposting ... the wide scope of experiences described in this forum, seems to give credence that vermiculture is as much an 'art' as it is a science.
Pete ... the bathtub worm-farm sounds great. As for 'fame', call the local newspaper for a pictorial story. Your description of the site for your worm bin seems worthy of artistic appreciation. BTW, I'm not kidding about your calling the local paper or creating a pictorial story for a magazine. The 'fame' thing is BS, but the more people who can be exposed to the fun and beauty, and pleasure and intellectual satisfaction of vermi-keeping, the better.

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