How to propagate a Dutchman's pipe?

gardenfairy50(z5 MI)March 5, 2008

Does anyone know if you cut a piece of the vine and put it in water if it will root that way? Also does anyone know if Dutchman's pipe only blooms on old vines? The rabbits always eat my vines down to nothing during the winter and my plant has never bloomed in four years just was wondering if this was the reason.Thanks

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I soak them and barley cover them the seeds must be fresh or they dont geminate my problem with them is they get dampoff really easy so it can be tuff.

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Here is my babys.

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argus(9B / 10A)

What species do you have there? I have about 14 different species and varieties of seeds from Brazil that I'm hoping to germinate. Its funny that a lot of the best aristos just aren't on the market!

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Its Pipevine (Fimbriata) white vain pipevine .They have done well from fresh seeds.I soak mine too.

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Didnt' the original poster ask about propagation from CUTTINGS? Why are we talking about propagation from seeds, instead of answering her question - apparently she doesn't have seeds!

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I only have a couple aristolochia varieties and have never been able to root a cutting, in soil or water, with or without bottom heat. I've been successful with seeds though some can take well over 6 months to germinate. The A. fimbriata seems to be the easiest from seed for me. Gardenfairy if you want to try some A. fimbriata seeds get in touch with me. They are not hardy in your zone and will need winter protection.

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monarch_girl(5/6 MI)

What type of dutchman's pipe do you have? If it is the hardy one that can survive outdoors in your zone (A. durior/A. macrophylla), I just picked up a propagation book that recommends to take greenwood cuttings for the hardy dutchman's pipe in midsummer. The greenwood cutting is from the new growth just beginning to get firm (timing is important). The pieces used look like they are short about 2" with the lowest set of leaves removed and inserted in soil up to just below the first pair of leaves. The growing tip is also pinched off and no mention of rooting hormone. It doesn't say how long it would take but it did mention bottom heat helps speed the rooting. The tray is kept moist to keep them from drying out but not too soggy to rot them, and is also kept covered with a plastic humidity dome with an air vent. I hope that helps, I have yet to try this method. :)

Last summer I tried rooting a piece of my hardy dutchman's pipevine in water but it didn't work. Maybe you could also try dividing a piece of root from it while it is still dormant? I am planning on trying that once the snow melts and the ground isn't frozen anymore.

I don't know if it prefers to flower on old or new growth but mine didn't get cut back and only had four flowers last summer. I was really hoping for some seed pods but they all fell off :(

))i(( Jennifer

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I have no problem with the cold, in Florida, but, have had no luck with cuttings at all. I am guessing that when "seeds" are mentioned, that is the seed that comes from the end of the flower stem. If not, I have spent many hours trying to use them. Please, if you know something I don't, let me know. I love the plant, it covers my pergola and had thousands of beautiful flowers this month. I did have flowers from old vines, as well as new shoots. Good luck with yours.

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A pollinated bloom will produce a seed pod which contains numerous seeds. Here's a pic of a ripe seed pod that has split open.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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