processed carbohydrates

wowwormsMay 9, 2008

What happens if you put processed carbohydrates in the bin?

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leearnold(z5 In.)

Nothing unusual. It decomposes, the worms eat the bacteria and other organisms.

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squeeze(z8 BC)

what are "processed carbohydrates"? cooked leftovers or poop? :)

nothing is pure anything, what you consider "carbohydrates" is simply a food higher in "hydrates of carbon", maybe starchy sugars? celluose is a carbohydrate to worms and bacteria, energy for their activity ... most foods contain some carbohydrate


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Someone posted on another of my postings about bread in my box that i should "not use processed carbohydrates!!!" it was bold and capped so i thought i had to ask.

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squeeze(z8 BC)

there's absolutley nothing wrong with bread, or anything else using wheat or flour of any kind .... I wouldn't consider bread a "processed" food, if it is, than anything other than raw veggies would be "processed", even leftovers .... "Wonder bread" may be an exception LOL, cuz ya hafta wonder what's in it .... and if you have a rodent problem, they'll be attracted by bread or any other grain product so it has to be dealt with intelligently, always crumble it up well and mix it in

I compost primarily food waste, normally only veg/grain in origin, but ocassionally animal products [eggs, fats, even meat and fish] and I haven't found anything yet that'll decompose that will cause a problem, tho' some things take longer to decompose [like avocado seeds and skins and bannana stems], and some things in masses will cause anaerobic conditions and a resulting stink, and some things are easier to deal with in a hot compost rather than a worm bin, mostly cuz of the speedier process

all the things that some folks get excited about not using are just things that they've had problems with, usually because they've made additions foolishly, like half a loaf of unsliced bread, or that designer white bread many seem to prefer that's loaded with preservatives to put off the bacteria and fungi that are vital to the functioning of decomposition

are folks not aware that there are bacteria that can break down absolutely anything? bacterial remediation is the way they deal with soil contaminated with spilled chems or petro products, seed it with the right bacteria, cover it against leaching, and in awhile the problem material is broken down to it's more innocuous components


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nitasher(central Alberta)

Bacteria are so totally amazing! Given time, and if left in peace, they could fix everything. Well, not my clothes dryer but you know what I mean. ; )


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