Air Potatoes

lovemrmeweyMarch 24, 2010

Does anyone have experience with air potatoes? Years ago, my mother-in-law would plant these little tiny potatoes (inside looks like a sweet potato). A beautiful vine would grow from these with very green, heart-shaped leaves. In fall, little potatoes would form which she would store until spring, then plant. I would love to know if I could obtain these little potatoes and if anyone has information on them.


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They're called Dioscorea, but be VERY careful about which species you get. One species---maybe more---are horribly invasive, noxious weeds in your zone. E-mail me for more info.

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You are probably talking about Dioscorea bulbifera. It's supposedly hardy in zones 8 and warmer but if you are in 7b that might be warm enough. I'm in 7a and it doesn't survive the winter here but I did keep it in a container, just in case.

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Bulbifera *might* be okay in Zone 7a, but *I* wouldn't trust it in the ground, or in a container! It's those little 'air potatoes' that drop off that are so terrible! I don't know if it was bulbifera or villosa that took over my yard, but it was one of them.

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