Harvested My Bin

greenthumbzdudeMay 12, 2014

Back in October I started my worm bin in a rubbermaid storage container. I harvested that bin the other day and found some decent looking casting. However, it was initially like mud and very smelly almost like mothballs and ammonia mixed together. I had a pretty serious drainage issue as the material was water logged. For 2 days I left the casting outside on a tarp to cure. This helped tremendously...the castings no longer smell at all and are of a very fine crumbly but moist texture. I sorted out all the worms and uneaten material the best I could. I ended up get around 40lbs of castings. I am now going to use this on my veggie plants.

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Sorry to burst your bubble. What you and most (99.9%?) of us have is worm COMPOST, not just castings.

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There's a lot of food in your compost still, for the worms to feed on. They can live on that for a couple of months without feeding, and be totally ignored, and the resulting compost will be nice and healthy and look like potting soil.

My landlords are planting their garden and I'm going to contribute by giving them my poop.

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jasdip: you mean your WORM poop, right? LOL.

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Smarty-pants Otis!!! LOL

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Heres something that may be of interest to you. I made this cheap little sieve with 1/4" screening. I also found a file box with 1/8" screening but mainly I use the former. I use it to screen the VC after removing most of the worms really helps to make finer mix. I also use it to sieve any regular compost to make my mixes for potted plants. Really is handy.

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Whether we refer to it as worm castings, vermicompost, compost, on this site I believe we all are aware of what we are referring to.

Im now finding that my [plastic stacked 360] is pretty much harvestable every month now even a bit quicker for some reason than the factory 360 and the former of the two is larger. This is great for me as I not only use it for my plants but I make the worm tea from it. Being as mine is inside I can keep it going the 365 and have plenty for my next gardening season. I also use some of it in cuttings I do during the winter. I keep the harvest in 5 gal. buckets with a cover [not necessarily a lid and the VC stays moist and doesnt dry out.

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