5 Established Grape Vines - Where to Start???

inthedesertMarch 30, 2008

We have 5 established grape vines at our new place, we moved into around October so they were completely FULL of grapes when we moved in and probably around 6 feet high.

At the end of the season I raked up the leaves and buried the bases with some grass/hay, last month hubby hired someone to come prune all the fruit trees and the vines but now I am not sure what to do with them. I raked up all the leaves, do I need to apply a compost now? I have a truck load of well rotted horse manure but haven't put it on yet.

Also the soaker hose that was under the vines is completely rotted/dried out so wondering if I should soak them or use a hose? I watered them once a month during the winter with the hose but not sure how much I should be doing now. The soil is VERY sandy and quick draining and we have had NO precipitation this winter or spring yet (not even snow).

I also definitively have a gofer living somewhere under the vines, not sure if that is going to cause problems. Please help me, where do I start with this thing!? (P.S... according to the guy that did the pruning he didn't think the vines had been pruned for a few years nor do I think anyone has been doing much work to them, as we found TONS of junk underneath the vines).

Here is the row in October of last year when we moved in....

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If you have sandy soil and no precipatation so I suggest that you put in a new soaker and yes put the compost on now. Pruning grapes is an artform so I hope they knew what they were doing, but you'll find out this fall. Are they on wire?

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating Perennials

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