Growing from seed....better to direct sow or start indoors?

irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)March 25, 2010

HI, i want to plant a bunch of grandpa ott's and heavenly blue near a 10' fence in our yard. Should I direct sow or start indoors and transplant?

I'm in zone 6/7 so i'm not sure what to do, do mg's do better started indoors or no?

And if i direct sow outdoors, do i do it now?


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Most MG's are fast growers so you can do either. If starting them indoors make sure you have adequate lighting until it's warm enough to put them outside. I soak my MG seeds in water overnight before planting. Many will germinate in a day or two. If they don't have enough light while inside the vines will get leggy and weak. A word of warning about Grandpa Otts, it reseeds like crazy. I planted some several years ago and have been pulling them out by the bagful ever since.

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