Horse Manure

ibheriMarch 24, 2011

I added it to a running post in Organic forum and also wanted to hear from our TX forum..

We have a Pearland newsletter that comes in every 2 months and a nearby equestrian center had a posting about selling bagged and bulk horse manure. They say the compost starts with good quality feed consumed by healthy horses. Daily stall cleaning mixes the manure with pine shavings used as bedding. Thay also claim that the pile has been collected over 5 years.

Last year I added chicken, sheep and goat manure to my raised beds and had excellent results. I want to try doing the horse manure this year.

Should I or Shouldn't I ? I can just get so bogged down making this decision :( Please help me make this decision.

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I'm new to this forum,
so my opinion probably won't carry much weight.

I'm way down south of you by quite a bit.
Or I'd be on my way to grab some of that horse manure!
Real quick! !

At one time we lived in the country,
A close neighbor had a couple of horses.
I could go to the corral & scoop up all the horse maure I wanted.

It contributed to some beautiful roses.
Be careful with it for tomatoes, though.
It is high in nitrogen and will make beautiful plants,
Not much fruit.
But maybe I should have added a bit more of other nutrients.
To sort of balance it out.

Hopefully others will weigh in here.
But it sounds like a heck of a good thing to me ! !


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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

I use donkey manure as a top dressing, and it is wonderful. Of course, the thing you have to watch out for is the diet of these animals. My donkeys do not eat grain, so I don't have the problem with sprouts in my flower beds. As far as using it, heck yes, it is a wonderful additive and will loosen the soil so much.

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Thank you! I'll give it a shot :) I hope there is some left.

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The best garden year I ever had was the one I top dressed with horse stall sweepings. No hay or grass in it.
Just the poop and saw dust soaked in urine. :)

Every inch of every bed, several inches thick.

Some of it was fresh and some was composted already. All the plants just loved it. After a while the soil was so easy to dig in.

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chena(z8 Texas)

I have Cattle.. the people up the road .. there spreader broke and they were pushing it into piles They have horses.. It had already cooled down ,they were happy to have anyone come get it..I hauled it off by the truck load..LOL I have never had so much hog weed in my life..It is easy to pluck out but geez.. Just make sure it is very well processed!!


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Do you mind letting me know what equestrian center it is that has manure? I'm in Pearland too and I could use some. Thanks!

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Sure Julia, its 288 and Almeda Genoa. Going north on 288 take Almeda Genoa exit. Go left on Almeda Genoa. Take left on lew briggs rd. It is at 13551 Lew Briggs Rd. They also have a website. 713-433-7669.

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