blooming Jasmine

sunnie(9/10 So.Calif.)March 29, 2010

Bought a blooming jasmine loaded with beautiful blooms about 3 ft tall with a stake already holding it up. Planted it in nice soil, gave it some B-1, mostly

sun...that was last week, and the flowers have all died already. Should I have cut off all the flowers before planting...or should I cut them off now? My first Jasmine, hate to lose it. oh, I'm in zone 10 Southern California.

Thanks for any advice.....Sunnie

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Can you give us a little more to go on? What sort of jasmine is it? Does it have a label with its botanical name on? One possibility is that it was greenhouse raised and needed hardening off before going out into your garden. A stressed plant will sacrifice flowers. They are dispensible. But what do the leaves look like? And what is B-1, please?

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I have a white potato. Also called a Jamsine. Received from friend. White flowers and frangrant. Planted in rocky soil Maybe 1/2 inch. Growing in a sunny location. Live along the coast in California. Also have a pink jasmine has a stronger fragrance. Does not grow as fast. I think leaves are smaller. Butboth are being grown on a chain link fence. White potato seems to grow upward and horizontally very well. thank you. good luck

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