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ibheriMarch 17, 2011

Hello All,

I read a nice post on companion plants in the antique rose forum and was thinking about what we in TX grow for companion plants. Do you do seeds ? Where do you buy them ? Please share your experiences. I recently planted some David Austins and was looking for some companion plants. Some I have are Daffodils, Tulips, hyacinths, dutch iris, la lily, easter lilies, bearded iris (which Kathy mailed me), rocket larkspur,zinnias, black foot daises (which I added last week). I love the bulbs but would like the reblooming kind.

Looking fwd to hear about your companion plants.


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I have a list here I've made up for my own yard. Info taken from various sources. I only included plants that are known to do well in Texas.

I haven't planted any of these under roses, as I've just got those beds going and haven't gotten to the under planting yet.

Blue pincushins under reds

daisies, Marigolds.. Lantana, Verbena

Mums, Salvias, Cosmos , Garlic chives,

Dianthas, ferns, peonies, moss rose,

Rosemary, yarrow, vinca, lambs ear, asparargus fern,

Bulbine, sedum, low growing herbs, (thyme), Wave petunias

this should get us both started.

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Check out this link:

here's another thread that is older and where I got the bulk of my own list from:

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