Boston Ivy Care

krahnMarch 17, 2008

I have a few Boston Ivy plants that I planted in the spring of 2006 against a chain link fence. They have been in for 2 summers now and have not had much growth at all.....also, the one that grew the most I just noticed has been broken less than a foot from the ground. What can I do to stimulate these? Is it ok that they are almost cut to the ground at this point? I also have a few more that I put in last fall and would like any tips to care for these this spring/summer as well. I would like them to fill in my fence asap!!!

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zoohortmmm(USDA 4, CO)

Hi there. Boston Ivy is a type of climbing vine that uses tiny suction cups to adhere to smooth surfaces such as concrete or brick walls. It is not a twining plant that will naturally twine through chainlink fence wire. You would have much better luck with vine-type honeysuckles or small-flowered clematis (Clematis viticella varieties). The honeysuckle vines are twiners and the clematis climb by tendrils. These would have the added benefit of flowers and, in the case of the honeysuckle vines, fragrance.

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