Squeaky Fromme

rosiegirl_z10(1)August 6, 2009

Guess who's getting out of jail? Yup, Squeaky!

Here is a link that might be useful: Source

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Do you happen to have some opinion?

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Saw that, Yikes! WOnder will Larry King have her on...and connect her to Michael Jackson?

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spewey, you want my personal opinion? LOL...

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spewey, you want my personal opinion? LOL...

Yes. If you had happened to read the opening paragraph above the Hot Topics forum, you'd have seen "If you have an opinion on today's current events or other hot topics, feel free to discuss it here."

Merely reporting something that's been covered on all the news sites is not discussion. This forum is about discussing topics. not merely reporting them.

LOL yourself.

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

I'm against it.

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I am against any of the Manson members whether on the fringe or not.. of getting out of prison.

LOl.. back!

I wrote LOL as I didn't want you to think I was not nice!

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oceanna(7 WWA)

Oh Spewey, it is not against board rules to post something and wait for others to make the comments. Be nice to Rosey!

Heck, they may as well let Squeaky out. She only held a gun on the President, and then later did a jail break. It's not like they found POT (gasp!) on her or something!

What was Hinkley's sentence for actually shooting Reagan?

What will Squeaky do when they refuse to let her see Charlie?

When will her first book come out? Who will do her first interview? How wealthy will this make her? Enquiring minds want to know.

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Oh Spewey, it is not against board rules to post something and wait for others to make the comments.

It's not the purpose of this board, either. Hot Topics is not some Twitter newsfeed.

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I've been reading with interest a series of articles on Huffington Post about Leslie van Houten, another Manson groupie. It has been very interesting, especially the details on the parole hearings.

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oceanna(7 WWA)

Spewey, all you accomplish with that is just your being mean to people. Be nice. Besides, comments always come. If they don't, threads drift away. As it should be.

Esh, do they take the position that Fromme should be released? Or do you have an opinion on this?

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van Houten, you mean? These articles are written by John Waters, someone that has been talking with her for years. So far it's up to part 4 of 5.

Here is the first paragraph:

I have a really good friend who was convicted of killing two innocent people when she was nineteen years old on a horrible night of 1969 cult madness. Her name is Leslie Van Houten and I think you would like her as much as I do. She was one of those notorious "Manson girls" who shaved their heads, carved X's in their foreheads and laughed, joked, and sang their way through the courthouse straight to death row without the slightest trace of remorse forty years ago. Leslie is hardly a "Manson girl" today. Sixty years old, she looks back from prison on her involvement in the La Bianca murders (the night after the Tate massacre) in utter horror, shame, and guilt and takes full responsibility for her part in the crimes. I think it's time to parole her.

The rest of the text is background.

Here is a link that might be useful: Part 1

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Thanks, guys, but spewey is right! I should have state my own opinion. It does say so! ;) I need to woman up! lol.

I've been lurking here for months.. and just started posting a bit.. I've tried to develop a thicker skin, lol.

You've gotta love spewey's name! lol.

As for Leslie van Houten.. she's one of the worst of Manson's bunch, imho, and I truly hope that the D.A. McKay and the LoBianco family members continue to show up at these parole hearing and protest these killers release.

Susan Atkins, Sadie, is dying of cancer.. and wanted a compassionate release and they refused her! GOOD!!! They all got the death penalty but the death penalty was overturned and their sentences commuted... so they should never be released as they should be DEAD!!!

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Thanks, guys, but spewey is right! I should have state my own opinion. It does say so! ;)

Thanks, rosiegirl :) Discussions are what makes this forum interesting.

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Labrea ! Brilliant!

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oceanna(7 WWA)

Spewey, these things always get discussed, even if the OP doesn't put up an opinion, and you know it. I don't always put up a comment and you're not going to bully me into it, even though you've tried several times.

Rosie, we're glad you're here. Stick around.

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Manson's followers were brainwashed and tripped out on drugs when they did these deeds. It has been 40 years since the murders and those in jail have been there all this time. Some have been paroled, some have not. Why is that? As for Leslie, all accounts indicate that she didn't actually kill anyone during the LaBianca murders - the person she was told to stab was already dead.

I don't know - it's been a long time. She has been remorseful for most of that time, once she came out of the brainwashing. Are people afraid that if she is paroled she'll commit more crimes? Or that she must stay in prison forever to serve justice?

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Rosie, You had it absolutely right in your OP. The forum wording says "IF you have an opinion...." I took that to mean that one does not HAVE to have an opinion to post. That's how I define "if". The forum guidelines do NOT say "IF AND ONLY IF you have an opinion are you allowed to post here".

Your original post was just fine in my book and no opinion was required - welcome aboard!

I don't have any opinion about Fromme in 2009 as I have not been privileged to her prison record.

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What were young girls are now becoming old women aren't they.

Isn't she dying of cancer? If so, she is very, terminally ill and is frankly sucking the resources from the state, maybe it's time for us to allow her to be released to die with her family members taking care of her. Because the death penalty was abandoned in California, the tax payers are responsible for every single human need that must be fulfilled.
Besides, at some point, I think we have to use some compassion we accused these women of not having and when one of them is dying of a terminal illness and is frankly too sick to cause any more trouble, I think that this is the time to allow them to go home to family to die quietly and with some dignity IF there is no longer any indication of intent to harm others - I suspect that this type of intent left these women decades ago although it still exists and is vocalized by ole' Charlie The Leader.

Maybe for Squeaky this is the time to step up to the "milk of human kindness" plate. Not because she necessarily deserves any feeling of compassion from the public, but because we tend to hold ourselves up to be basically decent and compassionate people who have some sense of christian charity lurking somewhere in our hearts -and after all, Christian charity means squat if it isn't applied.

After all, the compassion we claim to have as a nation doesn't really mean squat if we apply it only to those we consider deserving of it - it counts when it hurts to hand it out but we do it anyway because it's the right thing to do at the time. Because we don't ask for vengence, but for justice.

I think of this kind of like monetary charity, it may begin at home but it only really counts when it's handed to a total stranger that means nothing more to you personally other than a fellow member of the human race who needs help.

I may remember incorrectly but I dont recall that Squeaky actually killed anyone, only attempted to kill the President?

I think there is one of the manson girls who has truely rehabilited herself. However, I don't ever want to see any of them released unless they are terminally ill. Their victims are forever dead, the consequence must be that the perp's lifes must be forever in the control of the state and loss of freedom. However, they can serve out their healthy lives with some sense of direction and purpose and most of the women appear to have done so.

One thing to consider - we let murderers go all the time. One of these days, the "pick and choose" method we use is going to be successfully challeged. I suspect that many well known murderers are still in prison after all these years are still there ONLY because they became well known - not for any actual reason for serving justice, but only because of the public outcry and rage that would result if they were released.

I believe Sirhan Sirhan would have been released decades ago had he shot an unknown, innocent citizen. ...

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Manson and his followers cooked their brains gleefully on mixtures of drugs that could have killed many of us. We are not talking about a little pot to mellow out. To top that off many of them were definitely twisted to begin with or were happy to give themselves up to the whims of a madman. By the time the Tate murders occurred there had been others that have been documented but the bodies never found. The Spahn Ranch was desolate and rugged, a perfect place to conceal bodies if they even bothered. (according to various statements of family members) Charles "Tex" Watson was reportedly pleased to do the dirty work. One rumor circulating at the time was family members laughed at a coyote dragging part of a body through the Ranch yard.
Details of the Tate/LaBianca murders can be found at Wikipedia and in Vincent Bugliosi's book "Helter Skelter".
In my own opinion, the indiscriminant drug use by family members probably exacerbated already existing mental illness or brain damage or social disability. Those who might have escaped that were controlled by the ever present threat of violence from Manson or one of his true believers. The women who were involved, Tex Watson and Manson were all convicted. It was only a twist of fate, of bad timing that kept them all from execution. Squeaky Fromme wanted to be one of the killers but Charlie sent Leslie instead.
Should they be released, no. I cannot conceive of letting them go. If Squeaky was not along on the murders it was only Charley's whim that prevented it. I don't think she could change. Her attempt to kill President Ford proves she was capable of murder for Charley. She is still obsessed with Charley. I think with the slightest opportunity she would kill at his word or even if she imagined his word. Sleepless

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Sleepless, I agree 100% with what you wrote.

For the person who thought Sadie should be given a compassionate release... to save our state some money.. I don't see how that would come to pass. She's been in prison for 40 years. It is doubtful she has saved enough money or could afford to pay for insurance to cover the cost of her cancer care. She would still be on the dole whether in custody or out of custody. So, I say keep her.. in custody and let her die in custody. Too harsh? I don't care! I still think of the baby in Sharon Tate that they killed while she begged for mercy for her child.

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If I'm against the death penalty and for life then I must mean life.

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