Reviving Grape Vines

redcairoApril 24, 2007

Last year, we bought 1 year grapevines, about 8 kinds, and my husband made an arbor to put them on.

This spring, they bloomed amazingly, really started growing like crazy. Then the weather basically went from 86 to 20 to 75 to 22 to 80 to 30 to 70 for about 2-3 days each.

Now they look dead as rocks.

A couple show a little green. I would like to try watering them and adding some kind of supplement that might, just maybe, help at least a few of them gradually recover.

I'm wondering if I could get some advice on what might be best to add to grape vines. In the garden places I find stuff for all kinds of plants individually, and some plants generically, but nothing specifically for grapes.



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