Will these vines grow in desert climate?

khabbab(10b)April 28, 2014


I have following vines germinated from seeds few weeks ago and wondering will they survive my subtropical hot climate. Right now it is early summer and temps are around 30C, they will crawl to 40C and remain 40C for many months until monsoon. I am keeping them in full shade but still temperature will be very high. Any thoughts?

- Cobaea Scandens
- Rhodochiton atrosanguineus
- Maurandya 'Magic Dragon' (Tuberous i guess)

BTW, here is the temperature chart of my city Lahore:

January:- Night:0C Day:20C
February:-Night 16C-18C Day:25C March:- Night 25C Day:31C
April:- Night 28-30C Day:-35-37 C
May:- Night 35C Day:- 42C
June:- Night 37C Day:- 46/47C
July:- Night 38-40C Day:-46/47C August:- Night 30C Day :- 38C September:- Night:- 26-28C Day:- 32C
October:- Night 20C Day : 28-30C
November:- Night 15-16C Day:-26C
December:- Night 3C Day:18C Regards,
Lahore (Pakistan)

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