Partial Shade Vines for Bamboo Teepee

adieblue(north TX 7)April 9, 2009

I'd like to create a bamboo teepee in my garden that vines can climb and cover. The spot I'd like to place the teepee receives about 3-4 hours of afternoon sun. The rest of the time, it gets dappled shade. Is it possible to grow vines here well enough for a teepee? Which vines could I consider?


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stage_rat(5--Indiana Riviera)


I just saw this, although it's been awhile since you posted, I hope you weren't holding your breath :)

I grow Hardy Kiwi in very little direct sun, and they do well. Not great, but well enough to get healthy but not dense foliage and a couple of tiny kiwis. They get less direct sun than your prospective teepee, so they may do even better for you. You will need a male and females in order to get fruit. Some hardy Kiwi is variegated, mine is plain green.

There is also Virginia Creeper, which is even more shade-tolerant.

I am not sure how either of these vines will fare in your particular zone and climate, but I hope this helps you!

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

How about confederate jasmine or crossvine. My crossvine blooms nicely in partshade and so does my jasmine and sweat autumn clematis.

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My clematis also does well on the west side of the house with dappled shade from large maple tree. Starting to grow now. I love this time of year when things are peeking out of ground.

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