fuzzy white mold in worm bucket drainage holes

bigdirtyboyMay 11, 2009

Please help if you can! This is my second year using a red worm compost bucket. last year i had no problems, just huge success. This year i am using the same bucket and doing the same system. The only difference is that my wife did not like the looks of the bucket on blocks with a lid underneath to collect the black seepage it would smell and was very unsightly. So to please her i built a cedar box around my plastic bucket, and built a tappered bottom so that the black seepage would convienently collect into a mason jar. So now my bucket is in a dark box with a hinged lid. I also drilled 6 large holes in the cedar box so that it would vent through. Now i have white fuzzy mold growing from my drainage holes of my plastic bucket. What can i do to stop the mold? or does it not even matter? please help! thank you!

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leearnold(z5 In.)

You should be ok. Mold is one of the inhabitants of a worm bin. As well as a food source for the worms. Add some DRY shredded newspaper or DRY shredded cardboard.

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thanks leearnold! do you think that there might not be enough venting on the cedar box surrounding the plastic bucket? there is no mold in the bucket, it grows from the bottom drainage holes in an icicle formation on the underside of the plastic bucket! thanks again!

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leearnold(z5 In.)

You say that there is no mold in the bucket, only at the drainage holes? Why do you have so much liquid draining from the holes?

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