How heavily do I plant Heavenly Blue MG?

tammyinwv(z6/WV)April 23, 2010

I have a tall birdhouse on a 4x4. I want the vine full and lush. What pis I have seen this one, always look that way. But how heavily is it planted?


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I'd say plant very heavily, none of mine are coming up! If your's do come up you can always thin them out.

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I just put a bunch of nicked seeds on a damp paper towel, stuck in a baggy on top of my fridge and have all kinds of roots showing this morning.

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Just to warn you -
once you plant MG's, you will have them forever.
They really re-seed!
I have to pull them out from all over my garden.
I don't know what the answer to this is, I do like the blooms.
but this year I am trying some other vines for this reason.

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Ipomoea tricolor seeds will not survive the repeated thaws and refreezes of cold wet New Jersey winters and spring.

Ipomoea coccinea ,Ipomoea hederacea,Ipomoea nil and Ipomoea purpurea may survive cold wet winters but not always...

The answer as to whether the many different species of Morning Glories will successfully re-sow is dependant upon the cold hardiness of the particular species and strains...

The strains of Ipomoea nil which are cold adapted may survive but many of the less hardy strains from Japan will not successfully self sow...

Seed companies often mislabel seed as to botanical identity and this factor combined with many people not really knowing how to properly differentiate between the many different species leads to inaccurate identification mistaken concepts and resultant urban myths e.g., all MG's will come back from seed in cold areas...

I have included a link to a previous thread where I explained what to look for to accurately identify the species of the most common Morning Glories...

Hope that helps...



Here is a link that might be useful: Calyx and sepals are the most important structures to look at for IDentification of Morning Glories

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Thanks for the link Ron, I will check it out. I know i only grew MG one yr, many yrs ago. It got huge, climbing over the end of my porch. I didnt save seed, but it never came back. i cant remember the name now its been too long. This yr I am growing several JMG, and this Heavenly Blue.

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How long do morning glory seeds last? I have Grandpa Ott variety. Also, does this variety readily re-seed? And last, I planted several seed after soaking them overnight about 3 weeks ago and have not seen any activity. I had bought the packets 2 years ago. Will they ever come up? Thanks.

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