Carolina Jessamine Pruning

gardenz(7B)April 5, 2010

I planted the vine only last summer. It formed a decent 'clump' and climbed about 4 feet before winter set in. At the time of planting, I didn't do any research about pruning. (My bad!) So it was left 'as is' over the winter.

Now, the 'clump' looks nice and green and the leaves on the vining tendrils, which have grown another three feet, are brownish as would be old growth. Should I have pruned it around the time when I pruned my roses earlier last month to encourage new healthy growth? Or have I missed my window of opportunity and just leave it be for this season?

When is the proper time to prune it? Thanks for any info on this vine.

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mary_littlerockar(8a-7b mid Arkansas)

I also planted three of these vines last year and they are new to me. It appears to me they bloom on last years growth so I'd say, once the blooms are done in the spring, to prune if needed at that time. This would give the plant time for new growth and to set buds for next spring.

If this is incorrect, I hope someone will come along and tell us. I googled the vine but in the few articles I read they didn't mention a pruning schedule.


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