Severely pruning honeysuckle?

brandyray(Coastal NC/8a)April 24, 2010

Hello, everyone; I have two honeysuckle growing on a fence that is about 15 ft long at the back of my bulb garden. They are different kinds of honeysuckle- one w/ silvery leaves and deep coral blooms (hummingbirds love it) and the other a traditional type honeysuckle, i.e. darker green leaves and the usual pale blooms. When I planted them (5 or 6 yrs ago), I trained each to one side basically, now after seeing them for several years I realize that I would like them better if they both ran across the full length of the fence (why? because the one stays green in the winter and the lighter one dies back leaving nothing to look at, also the lighter one blooms earlier so it would be nice if it was all across the fence). So, how far can they be cut back and when is the best time to do it? Thanks! Brandyray

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