Cypress Vine

sandyl(Zone 6B -7)April 23, 2013

I plan to plant cypress vine seed along a 10 foot wide trellis along my front porch this week. The porch faces south west, and receives full sun after 12:30 p,m. until the sun goes down in the evening. I haven't ever had cypress vine and my question is does anyone know if this vine truely does well in FULL BLAST HOT SUN as in no shade what so ever? or am i setting my self up for total failure? I have seen this vine at several houses in town but none are truely in full sun. I grow morning glories, Hyacinth bean vines and moonflowers in morning sun and afternoon shade and many, many clematis but not ever on my front porch, cleamtis go through their med summer burnout and I don't want them on the front porch for that reason, and morning glories and moonflowers I know would not have a chance in the summer heat on my front porch. First of July last year it got up to 105 on the porch. Can Cypress Vine handle that kind of heat? I know I should invest in large shade trees but my budget isn't up for it right now! Please help!

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I have grown Cypress vine in full blast hot sun before and it was in a container on my back stoop growing up the wrought iron railing. The container was on the hot concrete too. It was a self watering container though. They bloomed like crazy there. I did dead head here and there. The hummingbirds liked them. I planted some last year near my veggie garden and they didn't do as well, but that may have had something to do with the drought. My guess is that they don't like to dry out completely. Maybe plant a small annual near the base to keep the roots shaded? Maybe mulch would work too.

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I forgot to mention that you need to plant a lot of them if you really want a screen. The leaves are small. They are really pretty and worth growing though especially if you enjoy hummingbirds.

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sandyl(Zone 6B -7)

Thanks Pony, I have plenty of the large self watering pots that I can plant them in and i'll mulch them well, I have hummingbird feeders on both ends of the porch and have 20 plus birds annually that come visit and use the feeders.I think I'll plant at least one pot on each side of the porch with the hyacinth beans and with the cypress vines in the middle, I'll plant a lot of the cypress vine seeds in in the pots and mulch around the pots well. I have two solo cups full of the hyacinth bean seeds from last year and 4 packs of the cypress vine seed I purchased this year.

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Try planting them in the ground next to the pot too. This way you will know which works better for you : )

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