trumpet vine or something else?

ericf(z9 CA)April 29, 2010

On the south side of my property, there is a fence about 3 feet from the house. I need to keep that open as a passageway to the backyard for bikes, trash bins, etc. It will get a concrete sidewalk pour, but I can leave spaces for planting as long as the plants don't bulge out from the wall excessively.

There is also an unsightly view: the fence itself and the neighbor property. The fence is about 8 feet high, but from inside the house I can see right over it and into the neighbor's kitchen porch, which is... not to my taste.

So, needing something that will grow flat on the north side of the fence, but that will eventually get a lot of sun.

Trumpet vine, with its drought tolerance, fast evergreen growth, ability to climb a fence, and tolerance of shade/sun seems like just the plant. But I see many here wringing their hands about it taking over the world.

How concerned do I need to be about it crossing the 3 feet to the house?

How wide will it spread from the point where the roots are? I am going to put a shed against the fence 40 feet away. Will I be fighting to keep it from tearing the shed apart?

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

It will get too wide for your spot. Have you considered an espaliered star jasmine? Or perhaps a climbing rose?
I would go with some sort of an espaliered shrub rather than a vine, since vines tend to get heavy at the top. Pyracantha would be a good choice.

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I agree do not use Campsis radicans as it is so invasive and very heavy. If you like the look of Campsis you might consider Bignonia capreolata. It's another type of trumpet vine but is much better behaved.

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