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borderbarbMay 22, 2010

Interesting article about farmer in Philippines who uses both vermicompost and v-tea on rice crop.


'Worm compost' eases El Niño effect on rice seed production

...snip.... Despite the El Niño, his lowland rice crops reached harvesting stage with more filled grains and more seeds per panicle....snip....According to Dr. Cielito A. Beltran of TCA, vermicompost and vermitea, when used as fertilizer and pesticide, respectively, can increase rice productivity up to 28 percent.

Here is a link that might be useful: VC, VT eases El Nino effect

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I'm hoping to get some benefit out of using VC tea myself. I've been spraying it directly on my garden. My problem is I will not know how effective it is because I'm doing the whole garden rather than just part of it to compare. But I will look for insect damage to see if I see little or alot.

I have a hardy hibiscus that for some reason attracts a little fly. The larvae turn the leaves into lace. One year I bought some chewing tobacco and brewed some nicotine poison. It did not seem to help as much as I thought Partially because I hated using the stuff and quit too soon. I hope to see VC tea work this year.

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