multiple vines in one spot

tootswisc(z4/5Wi)April 4, 2010

Winter was a killer in Wisconsin. I lost a very important pine tree so now I see my neighbors ugly house. I also lost a gazebo to the same ice storm. Taking down both things down was very sad. But some good may come out of this. I plan to use the 4 corner posts of the gazebo for a trellis to replace the pine tree. I think this will provide even more privacy than the pine tree.

Should I plant different vines or stick with just one. I would like to try a honeysuckle vine. I really like my friends black-eyed susan vine. My gardening style seems to be on the wild side since I have a huge yard and don't use chemicals. The corner posts of the gazebo are metal and have a triangular shape. I did leave the trunk of the pine tree for support.

thanks diane

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Lonicera sempervirens is a wonderful native vine which draws hummingbirds. You could plant that as well as some annual vines. I see no reason not to, especially in a larger area.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Being from Southern California, I'm not sure what grows in Wisconsin, but my man's family had a lake house there, and he remembers all the grapevines lining the fence, and his grandma making grape jelly. Grapevines provide lots of green privacy in summer (dormant in winter), and they give you something back!

Sorry about your neighbor's ugly house! I hope the neighbor is sweet and not also ugly! I once had a very mean ugly neighbor, and I even bought a huge fake tree to put in the window so I didn't have to look at her place, but her husband got allergic, and they sold the house! Yesss!!!

Good luck finding vines. Now here is a small suggestion. I joined this on behalf of a relative at Christmas, and she loved her free trees!! It's only $10 bucks to join, and it might give you a nice privacy screen!!

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Get 10 Free Trees with Your Arbor Day Membership

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I'm sorry I have no real suggestions for what vines to grow. Black Eyed Susan Vine (thunbergia (sp?) is an annual in zone 4/5. However that doesn't stop me. I grow lots of it each year because it is so pretty and grows so fast and just loves to climb.

Good Luck with whatever you choose.


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I'm getting excited about my recycled trellis. I have 4 recycled trellis corners to work with and each one has a shelf.
My latest thought is to place them about a foot apart.
The top of each vertical rail is open so I'm thinking of bending something to create arches connecting each structure. so far Black eyed susan vine and a honeysuckle vine will be used. How a bout a climbing hydrangia and morning glories on the other 2. I may only use three. I also have the 8 foot stump left from the tree

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