JMG pic, ?, ty ronni

thahalibut(Z-9 CA, SSZ-9)April 27, 2010

Here is my first ever JMG bloom taken this morning. hatsa arushi.

Kinda small though isnt it? They were kinda stunted in the begining from cold (I think) but they are about 3 months old & only this big, & this is 1 of the bigger ones. Is this normal, I expected 4-6' at least. They are not root bound. Will they TAKE off soon? They are in FULL sun & its been 70s & 80s for a while now....

Thank you to ronni for the seeds!

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njmomma(z6 NJ)

ooh, lovely!

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what size pot is that. mine are in 2 gallons or biggers.

mine have been in 30s lately and are doing fine. might be the size of the pot

you can also give it a bit of bloom booster and see if that jump starts it

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thahalibut(Z-9 CA, SSZ-9)

Its a small 3 or 4 inch pot, but thats just to start them, they are going in the ground. The roots are just to the bottom or on some you cant even see the roots. So the pots are not restricting them.
Thought I might hurt them with fertilizer being so small, guess I can try it on 1 & see how it goes.

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i have given mine fertilizer when they still have their first true set of leaves. with yours flowering it just may jump start it. i give bloom booster and miracle grow. both liquid just enough to wet the soil.

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